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ED Quality News: HHS backs national Tort Reform    


A new report of interest to emergency physicians and the entire emergency medicine community titled Addressing the New Health Care Crisis, was issued on March 3 by the U.S.  Department of Health and Human Services. It calls for national tort reform.

The report outlines the serious increases in medical malpractice premiums and directly links this to recent increases in malpractice litigation awards across the country.  This is the first time that the federal government has publicly endorsed reform in our legal system.

The report speaks to the rapid escalation in professional liability insurance premiums and directly relates this to the "crisis" in litigation over the last dozen years.

Malpractice Payments of $1 million or more

1991 298
2002 806

(reported by the National Practitioner Databank)

Click here to view the entire Report.     Get Adobe Reader

Click here for more information. 


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