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ED Quality News: 2007 National Patient Safety Goals 


The JCAHO has just released its proposed 2007 National Patient Safety Goals. 

All interested parties are urged to review and comment upon these goals. The comment period ends January 8th, 2006.

Website Link To Field Review
Click here to complete the online field review on the JCAHO website.


All hospital emergency departments must address these new proposed Patient Safety Goals:

Identify safety risks inherent in their patient population (recasts two patient safety goals for 2006 as requirements under the new goal).

Improve recognition and response to changes in patientsí conditions.

Discourage disruptive staff behavior such as condescending language or refusal to answer questions, which can decrease morale and have a negative effect on patient safety.

Provide orientation to temporary / agency workers to minimize the potential for errors and implement processes to identify health care worker fatigue which poses a threat to patient safety.

Improve medication safety in order to reduce the likelihood of patient harm associated with the use of anticoagulants (new requirement for the existing goal).


Link to JCAHO 2007 Patient Safety Page


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