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ED Reimbursement EnhancementEmergency Department Revenue Enhancement - ER Facility Coding & Reimbursement Specialists

Is your ED Coding and Billing what it should be?

  •     Does your current nursing documentation support a higher level of care?

  •     Are you capturing the correct Emergency Department Facility Codes?

  •     Is your ED facility coding in Compliance with all applicable Federal Regulations?

  •     Are you using the right billing company?

Emergency Department reimbursement is a highly specialized area.  Significant hospital facility revenue is needlessly wasted by incomplete or inaccurate charting and ED coding.

Hospital ED Facility Coding is a challenging area for most facilities. Hospitals are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in allowable emergency room reimbursement due to poor facility E/M level coding. Using the correct E/M codes can immediately improve your hospital's ED revenue stream.  

The first step is to get the information must onto the medical record. Education in proper nursing documentation is essential for the emergency department nursing staff at many hospitals.

Next, the information must be extracted from the chart in a consistent, thorough and compliant manner and translated into the proper facility E/M codes. Missed codes equals lost revenue opportunity. This step should not be left to busy, preoccupied clinicians unless there is a system that assures complete and accurate charge capture. We can provide:

  •     ED Nursing Documentation in-service classes (clinical AND reimbursement charting)

  •     Emergency Nursing Documentation Review Services

  •     An ED Facility Coding system that will capture all ED facility codes (electronic or paper)

  •     Assistance with Emergency Room APC coding

  •     Dedicated data interface to your hospital's registration and billing systems

What could your Hospital or Emergency Room group do with 10-35% more revenue? 

Don't leave money on the table.  Call us today for a FREE analysis!   There is no obligation and there are no strings attached.  


Call 1-866-349-3310 for more information or click here.


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