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ED Quality: Emergency Department Newsroom  

Use the links below to review the latest information on important Emergency Department issues for both hospitals and physician groups.  

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9/8/06:  NCQA Releases Emergency Medicine Quality Measures

6/14/06:  Institute of Medicine (IOM) Report on Emergency Medicine

6/13/06: 2007 JCAHO National Patient Safety Goals

1/10/06:  ACEP Report Card on US Emergency Care  (CNN News Report)

2/10/05: JCAHO White Paper on Medical Liability and Patient Safety

9/1/04: New National Patient Safety Standards

4/26/04: Hospital Trustee Magazine Article on ED Contract Management Groups (CMGs)

2/19/04: JCAHO releases new Leadership Standard: Managing Patient Flow

1/21/04: CDC releases updated SARS information

9/14/03:  Texas Passes Prop. 12 - Constitutional Amendment for Tort Reform

9/3/03:   CMS releases EMTALA Final Rule

7/18/03:  JCAHO releases 2004 National Patient Safety Goals

5/11/03:  JCAHO releases new Emergency Department Overcrowding Standards

5/1/03:   AHA releases survey of Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance costs - compares hospital costs in "crisis states" vs. states with tort reform.

3/19/03:  Addressing the New Health Care Crisis, a report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on the need for national Tort Reform.

1/30/03:  CMS announces new mandatory Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QA/PI) programs to address Patient Safety. 



QA/PI Rules HHS Tort Refom Malpractice Crisis ED Overcrowding 2004 Patient Safety New EMTALA Regs Texas Tort Reform SARS Update JCAHO: Patient Flow 2005 Patient Safety ED Outsourcing Medical Liability 2006 Patient Safety 2007 NPSG-Proposed 2007 Patient Safety IOM Report EM Quality Measures



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