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ED Overcrowding / Patient Flow / Diversion Consultants

Are you a victim of ED Gridlock? Is your ER boarding or "on diversion" more than you care to admit?  Have you addressed the JCAHO Leadership Standard on Managing Patient Flow?                                         

We can help!  Our certified emergency department consultants will evaluate your specific situation  - and provide you with targeted Action Items to address the many complex process issues that contribute to ED overcrowding and patient gridlock. 

Our consultants are specialists in optimizing patient flow in the ED.  We analyze the patient's progress through the ED and provide specific, actionable recommendations to expedite care - without sacrificing quality. This leads to decreased throughput times and high levels of patient satisfaction.

We can also assist hospital leaders addressing the difficult bed management issues on the inpatient units. No, we can't create more beds, but we can certainly help you utilize them in a "more creative" manner to decrease inpatient boarding.  Utilizing best practice strategies from facilities across the country, we will help you develop a plan to successfully create more "surge capacity".

Call today to improve your ED throughput times, utilize your existing beds more effectively, enhance antiquated processes, develop surge capacity and improve patient satisfaction!


ACEP ED Boarding White Paper - 2008


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